Radiance booster

Radiance booster


10% Vitamin C Booster, illuminates, antifatigue, tones the skin. Recognized as an antioxidant, it also reduces signs of age by stimulating collagen production as well. An L-ascorbic acid with an ascorbic acid for better stability of this very high concentration. Use day and or night, mixed into 'Recovery Serum' for maximum effect, however, can be also mixed with any serum or cream within Swissline range, or any other brand too! Can also cocktail this Booster with our Eveness Booster or Soure Booster.

CLEAN FORMULA: Vegan and cruelty-free, phenoxyethanoly free, perfume free, colour free, paraban free

Skin condition: tired dull skin, skin in need of recovery, regeneration, great for pre and post procedures, great addition to boost all All Intelligence and Cell Shock White Treatments.

Benefits: fresher looking skin, vibrant complexion, prolonged use leads to firmer skin, reverses photo-aging at the cellular level with strong anti-oxidant power.